Well with the snow finally here that means the roads are going to be less than ideal for travel some days. Our first snowfall this past week was not fun for some drivers with a few ending up in the ditches along the highway. I would just like to take a second to remind everyone that you have to adjust your driving for the conditions, regardless of the equipment you have whether it’s winter tires, traction control, etc. you still need to change how you drive for the conditions. When you first pull out onto the highways, if there are no cars around get up a little bit of speed then slam on the brakes to see how slippery the surface of the road is. This little trick will give you a lot of insight into how you need to drive. Leave lots of space between the car in front of you, don’t make any sudden changes in speed or direction, and if you don’t think you can safely handle the road conditions, stay home! Thanks and drive safe everyone!