Well I guess we made it another year. 2017, welcome. I had a fantastic start to the new year, I had finished fixing the Moto-Ski on New Years Eve, and took it for another test ride on New Years Day! The test ride went fantastic! The new belt fixed my slipping belt issues, I guess a 7 year old belt just doesn’t work well haha. The recoil spring was replaced and now the starter rope re-winds itself back up so that I can actually start the machine. While I was in there working I decided to disable the oil injection system as well. I removed the gears from the oil pump, disconnected the oil lines, and capped them off at the intake so now it’s just a simple engine that pulls fuel already mixed with oil right from the gas tank. Anywho, here’s the video I filmed on New Years Day. It’s pretty crappily edited and what not but I wanted to get it done before I went back to work and procrastinated. So enjoy!