Back with ANOTHER one! So many videos in a row for me. Back on the outlaw again out for a random unplanned ride. Just cruising around and seeing what I can see. I go back to a few of the flooded spots and the hole in the ground from the last video. Take a look and leave a like/comment!

Hey all! Back with the quad finally! Been a little bit since I’ve done a video on this thing, but the weather is nice again so here we are! Just riding around looking at the flooded out roads! Can’t get very far from home as  everything’s flooded!

Hey folks, time to get the Maverick project back into the swing of things. Already adjusted the carb so it will actually run decently, and in this video I install the Tach I picked up! This is going to be a nice addition for adjusting the idle speeds on the carb. Before I had to just guess by the sound of the engine, but now I can actually dial it in. Anywho, here’s the video, was a fun little install and pretty simple.

Hey everyone, so this past weekend I spent a little bit of time getting my Maverick project running well in the cold. It didn’t really have any issues during the summer, but during the winter it just didn’t want to run at all when cold. The issue was the choke spring was too tight, not letting enough air into the engine. You can take a look at this video to see how that works and how I fixed it!

Alright, So I finally stopped being lazy, and got around to getting this website looking better, and working better. Updated the overall look, simplified it, and even added a totally new mobile theme. I think I’ve got the mobile theme working correctly so it will automatically switch over to mobile when you come to the website with a mobile device! Much easier browsing experience for mobile users this way. Everything still works as normal without the added extras you see on the desktop version. The picture below shows the two themes, I’m quite happy with how the website works now and I can stop focusing on the look/functionality and get back to focusing on posting useful crap for no one to read! yay!

It’s almost spring time, the weather is getting nicer so that means it’s time to get back to working on the Maverick, and I’ve got a few things to do on the Outlaw before I can ride it a lot so that will be an upcoming video in the next few weeks or so, stay on the lookout for that one. The Moto-ski has been put away for now until I decide what direction I want to go with it in terms of modifying it for next season. Other than that, not a lot going on over here in Rath Land.


Well, we got our usual March blizzard here in Manitoba. This year was a big one, over 30 hours of blizzard conditions! Lots of snow dumped, lots of wind, and a lot of stranded motorists. Luckily it’s over now and people are on the move once again. Big shout out to the snowmobilers who helped the stranded folks, taking them supplies as needed. There were a few accidents, and I truly hope everyone involved is doing alright. Now, can we get to the warmer weather now, Mother Nature? I’ll have a few videos coming soon hopefully, started working on the Maverick again, and I have some work to do on my quad before the summer weather hits us. Stay tuned!


So this was my first real “How-To” video, and it seems to be doing quite well. Getting views, although not a lot, but consistent in the daily views. Seeing how well this video is doing and knowing that it is helping people makes me want to create more videos like this, so I will! In the future when I need to do some work on any one of my many vehicles, I will be sure to try and create a helpful video if I am able to.

Hey everyone, so I’ve been pretty absent lately, Haven’t had much time to ride let alone make videos. I’m back though with a decently long video. This was filmed during a local-ish snowmobile derby, I didn’t win any prizes but it was a great day with great people so it was a fantastic day of riding. Snow conditions have been really brutal lately and only getting worse so it’s looking like this might be the last ride of the season! But, go watch the video! Enjoy!

Well things have been a little strange lately regarding weather. We’ve been getting quite a heat wave up here in Canada Land. It was well above freezing for a few days, and it really killed our snow amounts. Not only did we lose a lot of snow, but the trails are junk, the machines run like crap, and you get all sweaty when riding! The fan cooled Moto-Ski really doesn’t like the warmer weather. Doesn’t run as well as it does when it’s cold out which is to be expected with a Carb’d snowmobile, especially a fan cooled one! But that didn’t stop me from taking it out for a little rip in the field.