Well it’s getting colder and that means the snow will be falling soon! Which also means it will be time for the moto-ski to get some action! I already replaced all the parts I needed to get replaced so it’s all ready to go. I didn’t make any videos on the work I did, I had planned on it but things don’t always work out as planned. Technical issues, time constraints etc. But, she’s all ready to ride and I look forward to making some more vlogs this winter!

Well, not a lot going on these days unfortunately. The quad is still in need of some repairs which I can’t seem to find time to do with work being so busy. The Maverick project is moving along slowly, I am in the process of getting the small bumper conversion pieces ready to be installed. Have some more sanding to do and some body work left before that can happen. I’m also thinking about switching my plan from white paint, to flat black. I can’t decide!

Well I’m slowly making progress on the Maverick project! Today I purchased some of the parts needed for the bumper swap I am doing. One of the much needed things this car will have done to it. The 1974 models had HUGE bumpers due to government regulations. However, they are super ugly! so I am swapping in some “small bumpers” from a 1971 model for the much cleaner, aggressive look. Stay tuned for a video on that in the coming weeks.

Well, it finally happened, one of my videos has broke past the 100 views barrier! Sure, this isn’t a huge deal, it’s only 100 views. But it finally happened and I’m happy about it so let me enjoy it! The video was actually the latest one I’ve uploaded, the intro to my Maverick project car. You can go check that out in the videos page if you haven’t seen it already. Seems people like the Maverick so many more videos on that project to come. I actually have part of the next Maverick video already filmed as I type this. so stay tuned!

So as you may know, I’ve got myself a 1981 Moto ski snowmobile to work on this summer (coming soon, I swear!) but I also picked up a more long term project! Details will come soon, but here’s a few hints. It’s got 4 wheels, a 250 CI straight 6 engine, and it’s over 40 years old! So stay tuned, because it’s pretty cool!

Well, I got the quad fixed enough to be able to ride again. Was quicker than I thought! New video is up, go check that out as well. So, in the coming weeks I will be starting to upload more Rath Motors videos, I will be starting a project that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Since the overview video isn’t up yet, I’ll quickly give the details. It’s a 1981 moto-ski Mirage II snowmobile! With it’s 377 fan cooled two stroke engine, it should be a fun build! Not sure how far into it I will go, but the engine needs to come out for sure. Stay tuned for the video on that!

So as some of you may have seen from my last video, I’ve crashed my quad (again) and won’t be riding for a little while. Hopefully be back at it within 2 weeks, depending on the extent of the damage. Until that happens, I won’t be getting any more videos up on my Rath Rides channel. However, since the quad needs work, this means I will have some opportunity to get some content for my Rath Motors channel! Hopefully I will get some videos edited together for that channel, as it’s severely lacking right now.

Anyway’s that’s it for now, stay tuned and we’ll see what happens next!

Hey all. I won’t be making a ton of blog posts, will mostly just be a place to collect all my videos in one spot, and eventually maybe add more features. So stay tuned, you never know what may be on the horizon! I’ve got some plans in the works, hopefully this summer is a productive one! Thanks for stopping by. have a great day!