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Alright, So I finally stopped being lazy, and got around to getting this website looking better, and working better. Updated the overall look, simplified it, and even added a totally new mobile theme. I think I’ve got the mobile theme working correctly so it will automatically switch over to mobile when you come to the website with a mobile device! Much easier browsing experience for mobile users this way. Everything still works as normal without the added extras you see on the desktop version. The picture below shows the two themes, I’m quite happy with how the website works now and I can stop focusing on the look/functionality and get back to focusing on posting useful crap for no one to read! yay!

It’s almost spring time, the weather is getting nicer so that means it’s time to get back to working on the Maverick, and I’ve got a few things to do on the Outlaw before I can ride it a lot so that will be an upcoming video in the next few weeks or so, stay on the lookout for that one. The Moto-ski has been put away for now until I decide what direction I want to go with it in terms of modifying it for next season. Other than that, not a lot going on over here in Rath Land.


Well, we got our usual March blizzard here in Manitoba. This year was a big one, over 30 hours of blizzard conditions! Lots of snow dumped, lots of wind, and a lot of stranded motorists. Luckily it’s over now and people are on the move once again. Big shout out to the snowmobilers who helped the stranded folks, taking them supplies as needed. There were a few accidents, and I truly hope everyone involved is doing alright. Now, can we get to the warmer weather now, Mother Nature? I’ll have a few videos coming soon hopefully, started working on the Maverick again, and I have some work to do on my quad before the summer weather hits us. Stay tuned!


Well things have been a little strange lately regarding weather. We’ve been getting quite a heat wave up here in Canada Land. It was well above freezing for a few days, and it really killed our snow amounts. Not only did we lose a lot of snow, but the trails are junk, the machines run like crap, and you get all sweaty when riding! The fan cooled Moto-Ski really doesn’t like the warmer weather. Doesn’t run as well as it does when it’s cold out which is to be expected with a Carb’d snowmobile, especially a fan cooled one! But that didn’t stop me from taking it out for a little rip in the field.

Well with the snow finally here that means the roads are going to be less than ideal for travel some days. Our first snowfall this past week was not fun for some drivers with a few ending up in the ditches along the highway. I would just like to take a second to remind everyone that you have to adjust your driving for the conditions, regardless of the equipment you have whether it’s winter tires, traction control, etc. you still need to change how you drive for the conditions. When you first pull out onto the highways, if there are no cars around get up a little bit of speed then slam on the brakes to see how slippery the surface of the road is. This little trick will give you a lot of insight into how you need to drive. Leave lots of space between the car in front of you, don’t make any sudden changes in speed or direction, and if you don’t think you can safely handle the road conditions, stay home! Thanks and drive safe everyone!


Well it finally happened, I woke up to snow today! Around 5 inches of wet heavy snow had fallen by the time I woke up, not the best kind of snow but I’ll take it. According to the weather channel, we should be getting up to 30 cm (11 inches) by the time the system is done. That’s pretty exciting in my opinion. I really hope it doesn’t all melt away though, I would LOVE to be able to get the Moto-Ski out riding this coming weekend to see how she does on snow since it’s been about 6 years since the thing has been actually ridden. So fingers crossed on the snow staying, I’ll be sure to have the camera going and recording for the first ride of the season. Stay tuned!

So it’s all ready, here’s a photo of the 1981 Moto-Ski Mirage II I keep talking about. Some quick info, It’s a 377 CC fan cooled twin cylinder two stroke, it’s a Rotax engine. has about 35 HP and will top out around 70 MPH. It’s a super fun sled because It’s incredibly light so throwing it around on the trail is super easy. It’s not the fastest machine out there, but sometimes riding a slower machine all our is more fun than riding a fast machine half throttle.1981 Moto-Ski

Well we got our first little snowfall, and of course the next day it rained and melted any trace of it. So we’re still waiting. Almost December and still no snow?! Maybe global warming is real….. Still patiently waiting and I’m almost tempted to get my quad fixed and just ride that instead but I really want to get that Moto-Ski some miles on it again! It’s been over 5 years now since that machine has been ridden and I just dropped a couple hundred bucks into fixing it so C’mon weather, bring me some snow!

In case you haven’t noticed (which you haven’t no one comes here LOL) I have a new layout on the website. The old design was just old looking and not very…. well not very good looking or functioning. This new layout and design works a ton better on both desktops and mobile devices. I’m pretty happy with it. Still patiently waiting for it to snow in my area so I can actually get out there and ride the Moto-Ski I just finished getting fixed up. hoping it’s not a brown Christmas this year. We’ll see!

Well it’s getting colder and that means the snow will be falling soon! Which also means it will be time for the moto-ski to get some action! I already replaced all the parts I needed to get replaced so it’s all ready to go. I didn’t make any videos on the work I did, I had planned on it but things don’t always work out as planned. Technical issues, time constraints etc. But, she’s all ready to ride and I look forward to making some more vlogs this winter!

Well, not a lot going on these days unfortunately. The quad is still in need of some repairs which I can’t seem to find time to do with work being so busy. The Maverick project is moving along slowly, I am in the process of getting the small bumper conversion pieces ready to be installed. Have some more sanding to do and some body work left before that can happen. I’m also thinking about switching my plan from white paint, to flat black. I can’t decide!