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Collection of videos from my Rath Motors YouTube channel.

Hey folks, time to get the Maverick project back into the swing of things. Already adjusted the carb so it will actually run decently, and in this video I install the Tach I picked up! This is going to be a nice addition for adjusting the idle speeds on the carb. Before I had to just guess by the sound of the engine, but now I can actually dial it in. Anywho, here’s the video, was a fun little install and pretty simple.

Hey everyone, so this past weekend I spent a little bit of time getting my Maverick project running well in the cold. It didn’t really have any issues during the summer, but during the winter it just didn’t want to run at all when cold. The issue was the choke spring was too tight, not letting enough air into the engine. You can take a look at this video to see how that works and how I fixed it!

So this was my first real “How-To” video, and it seems to be doing quite well. Getting views, although not a lot, but consistent in the daily views. Seeing how well this video is doing and knowing that it is helping people makes me want to create more videos like this, so I will! In the future when I need to do some work on any one of my many vehicles, I will be sure to try and create a helpful video if I am able to.

Well, I got the quad fixed enough to be able to ride again. Was quicker than I thought! New video is up, go check that out as well. So, in the coming weeks I will be starting to upload more Rath Motors videos, I will be starting a project that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Since the overview video isn’t up yet, I’ll quickly give the details. It’s a 1981 moto-ski Mirage II snowmobile! With it’s 377 fan cooled two stroke engine, it should be a fun build! Not sure how far into it I will go, but the engine needs to come out for sure. Stay tuned for the video on that!