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Collection of videos from my Rath Rides YouTube channel.

So it’s all ready, here’s a photo of the 1981 Moto-Ski Mirage II I keep talking about. Some quick info, It’s a 377 CC fan cooled twin cylinder two stroke, it’s a Rotax engine. has about 35 HP and will top out around 70 MPH. It’s a super fun sled because It’s incredibly light so throwing it around on the trail is super easy. It’s not the fastest machine out there, but sometimes riding a slower machine all our is more fun than riding a fast machine half throttle.1981 Moto-Ski

Well here’s a little throwback to earlier this year, on my birthday. I had booked the week off, and this is what happened on the Monday. Needless to say I spent the rest of the week doing a whole lot of nothing but recovering. Had quite a few cuts and bruises. I guess that’s what happens when you get tossed into a pile of downed trees!